[DI-RC2-S-046] Reservoir Cap   

Application chart :

1. This listing of reservoir Cap fits:

KRV 180-21

Application chart :
Golden / Black / Red


Reservoir Cap


DIMOTIV Reservoir Caps are divided into three types: left clutch reservoir cap right brake reservoir cap rear brake reservoir cap.

All reservoir caps were designed and shaped according to original model with precision of CNC machining to deliver perfect fitment and unique shape; therefore to achieve leakage prevention.

The cap is made from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy (see Note 1)with anodized surface which is same level as iPhone equivalent standard; include anti-corrosion and anti-UV for 60 hours endurance under 100 eV UV exposure and there are black gold and titanium for color options.


Note 1: (6061 aluminum alloy contained: Silicon 0.4%~0.8%Copper 0.15%~0.4%Magnesium 0.8%~1.2%Chromium 0.04%~0.35%Tensile Strength 42,000 psi (290 MPa)Yield Strength 35,000 psi (241 MPa)while thickness is less than0.25 inch6.4mmTensile Strength is 8% or morewhile thickness is greater than 0.25 inch6.4mm),Tensile Strength is 10%)


Installations and precautions:

(Left and right reservoir cap installation)

1.  Remove the screw and the original cap (to aware not to leak the brake oil).

2.  Retain the original rubber seal and place the DIMOTIV reservoir cap on oil tank. Secure the original screw back to finish the installation.

(Rear brake reservoir cap installations) 

1.  Remove the original cap and replace with DIMOTIV reservoir cap to finish installation.



Price : $ 68.00